Jr. Board

This vaulting device is one of the most versatile and popular vaulting boards on the market. It is a 3/4 sized board,  made of a tubular steel frame with a laminated wood top and slip resistant foam padding.

Code #1110,

23” wide, 36” long  $431.00

Mini Board

A board perfectly scaled for the size of pre-schoolers. The curved plywood is carefully laminated to achieve optimum strength. Energy foam blocks assist in the lifting action and a slip resisting foam sheet covers the impact area.

Code #1111,

25” long, 23”wide, 6 1/2” high  $251.00

The Preschool Teacher’s  Guide to Movement Education

By: Hayes & Jane Kruger
This book is for all professional teachers who want step-by-step instructions for understanding and creating a movement program for children. Included are movement themes, objectives, and program development. Chapters cover  lesson formats and progressions. Spiral, 238 pages

Code #1890,  $41.41

“Try it My Way”
10 Original Tumbling Charts

By: Siegfried Gerstung
Ten charts illustrate teaching progressions for the forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, handstand, back extension, roundoff, front hand-spring, back handspring and others. An easy to follow reference guide, with simple hints for teaching these skills.

Code #1899, Stapled  $11.42

Running Square

The Running Square™ is an effective piece of equipment for improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. Its special design provides a shock-absorbent running surface that is popular for use by itself or as part of a fitness circuit. Tough Energy Blocks™ support 8 layers of birch veneer, with a non-slip Energy Foam™ pad on top. The wood surface is varnished for durability and beauty. Easy to carry and store.

Code #6147,

29 7/8” x 29 7/8” (76cm x 76cm)  $148.00