Sprung Subfloors

What is an AirBase Sprung Subfloor?


AirBase  means resilience and safety for dancers. 


An AirBase  is a Gerstung sprung subfloor created 50 years ago for Gymnasts, Athletes, and Dancers. This is a sturdy sprung base with a top surface of carpet, Vinyl/Marley, or Wood that supports the athlete/dancer. The AirBase   consists of a layer of hardwood plywood, supported by Energy Blocks™ that provide both absorbency and resilience to the dancer.  The Gerstung Energy Block™ compresses and recovers quickly - better than anything on the market.  The result is an even, shock absorbent, resilient floor providing lifting power and safe landings.

The Top Surface, is what the dancers feet touch. See our selection of Top Surface Vinyl/Marley and wood.



Gerstung AirBase  Sprung Subfloor Products


Engineered for ultimate performance and safety

Permanent Subfloors
Softer or firmer floor? We can customize!

“After six hours a day and six days a week of grueling rehearsals, it is inevitable that our dancers are sore and tired.  Since the installation of our Gerstung Suspended Dance Floors, the dancers have noticed a measurable difference in the way they feel and perform.  The remarkable cushioning effect experienced while landing, combined with the slight lift before a jump, aids in preventing compression of the spinal column, ankle, and knee joints.”                                              The Washington Ballet


Gerstung AB200 Permanent Floor

Permanent/removable sprung installation for busy private studios, schools, colleges and universities. For use with Vinyl/Marley or Maple Wood top surfaces. The first floor is still in use since 1976! See Testimonials Page.


Gerstung AB600 Permanent Floor

Permanent Sprung floor easy to install for moderate traffic dance studios.  Great for private yoga, barre, and fitness studios as well.  For use with Vinyl/Marley, Vinyl Planking top surfaces.


Gerstung AB100 Permanent Floor

The original Gerstung design that replaced the “basket weave” floor, and is a double layer installation providing a long term safe firm sprung Floor. For use with Vinyl/Marley top surfaces.

All of our Portable floors can be reconfigured to provide different size floors to work in different spaces, or several smaller floors to be sent out to different places for performance.  Transporters for each of these floors allows for storage and portability.  

Portable Subfloors

Gerstung Portable Stages are used by

• Washington Ballet

• Smuin Contemporary Ballet (New 500 with vinyl-attached!)

• The Kirov Ballet

• Peabody Conservatory

• Japan Arts

• The Tbilisi Opera Company in the Republic of Georgia

• The National and World Aerobic Championships

• Stages for touring companies, Broadway, Colleges & High Schools.

I volunteered on the load-out crew and experienced firsthand the ease of assembly/disassmbly. The quality of the floor was apparent the minute it arrived and it excelled through three performances”

Lori Laqua, Smuin Contemporary Ballet


Gerstung Portable AB300

Easy to assemble portable touring floor, no tools required. The easy Click System uses panels of 47.25" x 47.25" [1.2m x 1.2m] joined at the seam by a interlocking tongue and spring system. This floor provides a safe, resilient performing venue for any style dance. Requires a vinyl top surface to be rolled out and taped down. Designed for 3-person set up and take down. 


Gerstung Portable AB400

Our AB400 portable floor uses the Click System with panels that are 59” x 28” [1.5m x .75m] allowing 2 people to set-up and take-down the floor.  This floor can be ordered with Maple top surface OR a Vinyl/Marley surface a can be rolled out and taped down. 

Gerstung AB500 Portable Sprung Floor

This versatile NEW floor combines Home Folding Vinyl-attached Floor System with our Click System for a larger performance floor that is easy set up and take down. The floor appears to be seamless. Each 5' x 5' [1.52m x 1.52m] folding floor  [folded is 30” x 60”]  allows for easy transport in SUVs.  


The Smuin Contemporary Floor is comprised of 24  5' x 5' fold floors clicked together for a 20' x 30' performing space.


New Gerstung AB500 Portable Sprung
Performance Floor with Vinyl-Attached

Knock On Wood Tap Studio in Washington, DC has enjoyed Gerstung's sprung maple portable flooring for almost 30 years.  Countless tap dancers have travelled from all over the world to shuffle, flap, and stomp on our original floors, which are as reliable as the day they were delivered. The durability, sound quality, comfort, and customer service provided by Gerstung dance floors is second to none, and we look forward to continued success with their product at the center of our business.     

Lisa Swenton-Eppard, Programming  Director, Knock On Wood Studio, DC



Kirov Academy