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About Gerstung

About Gerstung

photo of Siegfried Gerstung, Founder of Gerstung International

Siegfried Gerstung
Founder of Gerstung International Sport Education Inc.

Owner of Gerstung International

and Gym-Thing, Inc.

It was 1963 when Siegfried Gerstung, a young physical educator and gymnastics instructor, came from Germany to the US. He taught children tumbling on hardwood floors covered with a few thin unsafe mats as protection.  He explored various products, one of which became the answer to what is known as the famous "AirBase" floor.  Energy Blocks, in various thicknesses, placed in specific patterns under imported hardwood plywood, produced the spring power, shock absorbency, resilience and safety needed for the Gymnast, Dancer and Athlete.


Aerobic Dance exercise became the group fitness craze in the US and classes were offered on concrete floors covered with carpet or vinyl or asphalt tiles, resulting in shin splints and lower back pain.  A director of  the Canyon Ranch Resort approached Mr. Gerstung about using his gymnastic floors for safe aerobics. After much consideration and motivation by others, he designed a floor specifically suited for high impact Aerobics and the fitness industry. Gerstung floors were quickly accepted all over the world.


In the 1990's, those who had knowledge of his Aerobic floors, found it to be the perfect solution for dancers.  Within a short period of time specially designed Gerstung Dance Floors were found in colleges, universities, private studios and touring companies, here in the US and abroad.  Today, Mr.Gerstung is primarily focusing on building the most resilient and shock absorbing dance floor in the World. Gerstung Floor-systems, his plant in Baltimore, Md., produces 6 "AirBase" models with various top surfaces to meet the industry's needs. Some world famous ballet companies will only dance on and tour with a Gerstung floor.

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