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Gym-Thing Movement Equipment Testimonials

Michelle Proser

Coordinator, Health and Physical Education

Baltimore County Public Schools

Baltimore County Public Schools, over the past 45 years, has been fortunate to be able to utilize and transport the Movement Education Equipment (MME) within our school district among our 111 elementary schools.  This has provided the opportunity for elementary physical education students to experience this unique teaching methodology by using exploration, problem-solving techniques, challenge-by-choice, and gain the confidence to grow into lifelong movers. 

Movement Education Equipment refers to the very durable large sets of indoor apparatus that travel throughout elementary schools in Baltimore County.  The basic pieces of MEE that we use include large, medium, and small trestles (A-frames), curved bridges, a variety of straight ladders, cargo nets, beams, boards, bars (connector pieces), tripods, platforms, and stools.  The use of the MEE by elementary physical education teachers is available to enhance the instructional program.  Movement Education Equipment curriculum can provide physical, social, emotional, and intellectual benefits through a well-planned program.  Learning takes place as the teacher guides and/or challenges the students through a series of movement experiences using the apparatus.  Students are given the opportunity to solve individual and group tasks, to gain self-confidence and self-esteem, to socialize in cooperative settings, to develop physically, and to have fun. 

Additional gymnastics equipment, which is available in each elementary school, can be used to supplement the Movement Education Equipment.  Together they offer a wide variety of combinations to create a stimulating learning experience.  Fostering a success-minded approach, enhancements can be gained through themes as students experience an interdisciplinary approach to learning about the ecosystem in the rainforest, ways to save the planet through proper recycling, exploration of the solar system and planets, connections to books, or experiencing an adventure-like Disney World theme park.  The themes are endless based on teacher creativity and interdisciplinary applications.

The partnership with Mr. Gerstung has been in place since I was a teacher 30 years ago and I have the utmost respect for him and his company. I hold him in the highest regards of integrity, responsiveness, and creativity for meeting our needs.

Michelle Proser
Director of Health and Physical Education
Baltimore County Public Schools

Towson, MD

“I just wanted you to know how much my students love the Gerstung Educational Gymnastics equipment. I have been teaching in Madison, WI for over 30 years and have developed a wonderful curriculum that allows all children to feel successful, strong and capable in the area of gymnastics. I use the equipment to teach the concepts of rotation, balance, traveling (dynamic balancing) and vaulting. Using this equipment with an educational, versus traditional gymnastics model allows for students to be creative, develop confidence and strength in new ways. We also talk alot about "acquired courage" and how we can get brave by trying many different things many different ways.  Thank you for the opportunity to share with you how much we love Gerstung!  If you ever need a recommendation or if other schools considering the use of your equipment want to see kids in action on the equipment, let us know!”

Jane Koval
Van Hise Elementary School
Madison, WI

“We anticipated problems but they never happened. The Gerstung Equipment is spectacular and it has become the best unit in our PE curriculum. The kids can’t get enough of it!”

Dan Hallman
Lincoln Elementary School
Bever Bam, WI

Barb Kelley
Vine Street School
Banyon, ME

“I know of no other equipment that meets the developmental needs of my K-3 students and exceptional needs students students so remarkable well and is constructed to withstand the test of time with so little maintenance.”

“The Gerstung Equipment fits our Physical Education’s National Standards 1 and 2 like a glove. We love everything about Gerstung!”

Lynn Geelan
Lomira, WI

“Brain stimulation and brain development of our students, as they climb and play on the equipment, are invaluable to their cognitive performance.”

Kathy Clark, NBCT
Physical Education Specialist
Moore Elementary School

“Our school district has been purchasing equipment from Gerstung for the past 10 years.  We have been able to increase our educational gymnastics equipment over the years; using grant money, PTA/PTO funds and budgeting appropriately.  The success of the unit in our elementary and middle school physical education programs has encouraged us to continue to expand the program while we engage our students in meaningful activity.  Our students really love the equipment!”

REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT #10, Serving the towns of Harwinton and Burlington CT

Phyllis Jones
K-12 Physical Education/Health Coordinator

"We had a wonderful time learning from you. Your depth of knowledge and experience with not only the WHITTLE GYM but also with Movement Education was tremendous. The teachers really appreciated the perspective and history that you included on physical education. The aspect of building “confident learners” through movement based education is one we all strongly embrace."

Andrew R. Krupa
District Supervisor of Health
And Physical Education, PK-12
Livingston Public Schools, NJ

"Thank you for presenting at the Baltimore County Public Schools’ Professional Day.  The time you take out of your very busy schedule for Baltimore County Public Schools is appreciated and reinforces your commitment to the teachers in Baltimore County.  Baltimore County is very fortunate to have a partnership with you as you share the Movement Education Equipment with our teachers."

Michelle Proser
Director of Health and Physical Education
Office of Health and Physical Education

"I have had the privilege of working with Siegfried Gerstung for over 10 years.  I consider Siegfried a world leader in the field of Movement Education.  His knowledge of developing the child through movement is unparalleled, and his innovative equipment designs at Gerstung International have proved invaluable in our programs.  He’s someone I hold in high regard, and crave his insights on teaching through movement."

Dr. Frank Pasztor
Toronto, Canada

“There are many words tossed around in the world of Movement Education, however the two words that truly represent authentic Inclusive Movement Education are Universal Design.  The Gerstung International System represents the highest level of Universal Design. Simply put, it allows all movers to be challenged, contribute, self design, team build, and develop executive functions.”

Matthew Schinelli
Director of the Inclusive Movement Center
Founder of

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