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Gym-Thing Hook-Ons

Spade End Bar
Spade End Bar connector end

Spade End Bar
Used in a horizontal position for supporting and hanging, usually set up as parallel bars.  Easily attached to any piece of tubular equipment. Bars are powder-coated in bright safety orange. Comes with two Safety Cushions.

Code #1507, 8’  long  $221.00
Code #1576
, 5’ long (orange)  $149.00

Spade End Bar  set up
Spade End Safety Cushion

Spade End
Safety Cushion

Spade end bars come equipped with safety cushions. These foam inserts can be bought separately as a replacement part.

Code #1593, $26.00 pair

Hook End Bar
Hook end bar connecter closeup image

Hook End Bar

This bar, with its self-locking safety latch, is made of powder-coated tubular steel. It is designed to be used in conjunction with our Hook-End-Bar Support only. Set up as single horizontal bar or as two bars one above the other. Hook End Bars can only be used with Hook End Bar Supports.

Code #1514, 8’ long  $205.00

Hook End Bar set up with other equipment
Hook end bar support

Hook End Bar Support

Designed to hook onto the upright of either the 6’ or 7’6” trestle. Hook-End Bar fits into the adjustable “U” shaped steel support piece, and can be raised and lowered in 6” increments. Allows for a higher horizontal bar setup with two bars, one above the other.

Code #1516, $426.00

Ring End Bar
Ring End Bar connector end closeup image

Ring End Bar

This sturdy steel pipe serves as the support bar for a cargo net or other hanging attachments such as climbing ropes, rope ladder, trapeze, and rings. The welded ring ends fit over the protruding uprights on all trestles. Without attachments, this bar also serves as a horizontal bar.

Code #1506, 8’ long  $205.00
Code #1504
, 6’ long  $182.00

Illustration of Gym-Thing equipment set up
child on curved brigge
child on Hook On Ladder

Curved Bridge

It is the most useful and versatile ladder of the many designs that are part of this sturdy steel constructed equipment. The Curved Bridge or “rainbow” can be used on the floor but is generally attached to two supporting bases in either a convex or concave position. The hook-on attachments are equipped with a safety catch in either position

Code #1505, 9’ long, 17 3/4” wide  $873.00
Code #1572
, 5’ long, 13 1/2” wide  $549.00

Hook On Ladders
A tubular steel construction equipped with safety hooks that attach to any horizontal bar.  It can be used horizontally or angled between equipment safely on any level. Available in 4 different lengths.

Code #1531, 10’ long, 14” wide  $666.00
Code #1510
, 8’ long, 14” wide  $560.00
Code #1530
, 6’ long, 14” wide  $506.00
Code #1578
, 5’ long, 14” wide  $364.00
(#1578 features hooks on one end only)

Hook-On Ladders of different lengths
Curved Bridge
Child on Double Ladder

Double Ladder
This ladder offers a two-in-one option; climbing up as well as through. A distance of 10” between rungs on one side provides comfortable steps, while the 17” by 20” openings on the other side permit additional climbing challenges and movement opportunities.

Code #1534, 10’ long  $768.00

Double Ladder
Horizontal Net

Horizontal Net
This net is one of our more unique pieces of movement education equipment. It can be challenging to cross when set up between two boxes or trestles. The outer frame is made of tubular steel. The ends can attach to a Gym Box, Trestle, or Tower Base. The net is made of 7/16” thick synthetic rope with 7” x 7” openings.

Code #1124, 32” x 120”  $768.00

Horizntal Net
Gym Beam
Gym Plank

Gym Beam

Made of a laminated wood construction to prevent twisting and warping, assuring maximum strength.  Padded with a firm 3/8” layer of specialty foam and covered with a thick non-expandable suede-like material that provides slip resistance and great durability.  Has a 3 3/4” wide balance surface. Hook-on devices on both ends allow easy attach-ment to any base. The 8’ beam is intended for floor use only.

Code #1308, 10’ long  $465.00
Code #1105, 8’ long  $342.00 (Floor use only)    
Code #1564, 5’6” long  $270.00

Gym Plank

A thick butcher block hardwood plank, coated with several layers of durable polyurethane.  Corners are protected with non-marring rubber.  Equipped with a hook-on device on each end.  Serves as an incline board, sliding board, or connector between equipment.

Code #1513, 8’ long x 10” x 1 1/8”  $281.00
Code #1562
, 5’ 6” long x 8” x 1 1/8”  $171.00

Fireman Ladder
This new ladder design features two rails on each side to assist in climbing. Inverted and supported between trestles on a higher level, this ladder provides great hanging challenges.

Code #1536, 8’ long, 15 1/2” wide  $734.00

Horizontal Net Platform

Horizontal Net Platform

This platform fills the space from the base to the net. Identical to the Trestle Platform.

Code #1520, $158.00 (Also fits 5’ & 6’ Trestle)

Hanging Bridge
Fireman's Ladder

Hanging Bridge
This is the latest of the curved bridge designs. It features rails for the youngest climbers first experience and turns into a mountain when upside down.

Code #1571, 7’6" long, 14” wide  $647.00

Gym Plank
Gym Beam
Gym Bench

Gym Bench

The most versatile piece of equipment with unlimited uses. The bench top, cleats, and beam are hand-crafted of laminated hard-wood. All parts are securely bolted together. The cleats on either end allow attachment to other pieces of equipment, either horizontally or at an angle. When turned upside down, the Gym Bench functions as a balance beam. Available with wood or steel legs.

Code #1310, 10’ long, 13” high, 10” wide (wood legs)  $694.00
Code #1318
, 10’ long, 13” high, 10” wide (steel legs)  $649.00
Code #1561
, 8’ long, 13” high, 10” wide (steel legs)  $545.00

Gym Beams of differing length
Chicken ladder

Chicken Ladder

The Chicken Ladder is a butcher block, hardwood plank with wooden cross strips spaced 9” apart. Both sides of one end are equipped with a hook-on device and all corners are protected with non-marring rubber. Easy for young children to use as a ladder and sliding plank when turned over.

Code #1121, 8’ long, 10” wide  $403.00

Chicken Ladder
The Wall

The Wall

#1512 (hands, arms, agility)  $656.00

This 4’ X 8’ sheet of Baltic Birch with 16 hand/footholds turns into an exciting climbing wall.  There are over 45 holes for 16 hand/foot holds - you decide where you want them. The wall may also be turned for the bottom to hook onto the top bar - an instant pattern change!  Price (1) climbing panel.

SUPPORT COMPONENTS REQUIRED (not included):  (1) 7’6” trestle

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