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Siegfried Gerstung

Siegfried Gerstung
Founder of Gerstung International Sport Education Inc. 
Owner of Gerstung International and Gym-Thing Inc.

Mr. Gerstung,  a native of Munich Germany with degrees in Physical Education from the University of Munich,  Art Education from the Arts and Crafts Institute of Munich and Rhythmic Education from the Stuttgart Conservatory, came to this country as a Ski-Instructor, in 1963. One year later he started the Gerstung School and Summer Camp that taught classes in Gymnastics, Movement Education and dance. With specialists from 5 different countries on the staff, the Gerstung Method of "Learning Through Movement" was developed and Gerstung International Sport Education Inc. became an institution. 


With both European and American influence he developed award winning programs and a methodology for preschool and elementary students. They were designed to turn young students into better learners.  Adding a 3rd dimension to Movement Education, he designed over 60 pieces of colorful climbing equipment and products that teach body awareness, problem solving, encourage creativity, promote self discovery and decision making in children. He has taught and lectured in schools, Universities, at conventions and conducted inservice programs for physical educators across the US. Many school systems in the East and Midwest have adopted his methodology and use the Gerstung equipment in their curriculum. 


His Movement Education School in Baltimore Maryland taught over 1000 Students a week and was sold in 2011. It housed a 42,000 sq. ft. building for Movement Education, Educational Gymnastics, Dance, Rock Climbing and Team Building. This 12 ac. facility was equipped with a pool, sports field, playground, hiking trails, cabins and a small amphitheater for his summer camp. Since then, Mr. Gerstung's  passion has been working in his factory, updating and creating new pieces of equipment and building dance floors, as well as providing teacher training and support for Movement Education.

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