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Cardio Fitness Boards

Gerstung Training & Strengthening Devices

Gerstung Training Devices provide a broad range of strengthening, balance, and stability for Athletes, Dancers, and also those of all ages needing to rehab from injury.  Our strong birch wood devices can be used in a basic way or to up the intensity of your workout.  Upper and lower body can benefit with these devices.  The top surface of our birch wood products have a slip resistant coating to provide the user with a sure footed experience.

“I wanted to touch base with you regarding the use of the Gerstung boards.  I have found them to be very beneficial.  Specifically, they make great tools in balance training in patients following knee, hip, foot/ankle surgery.  Because the boards are relatively low to the ground, they are appropriate for patients at varying levels of rehab [ie. recently post-operative to high functioning].  The padding beneath the boards allows for decreased shock thus increasing patient’s tolerance for challenging balance and strengthening tasks.”

 Drew Breakey, PT, DPT – North Carroll Physical Therapy


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360 Balance Board offers a constant multi-directional adjustment of the body, building core strength and fine tuning the muscles, and ligaments that support the foot/ankle, knee, and hips.  #6985, $45.00 plus tax and shipping

Balance Boards

Side Balance Board provides side to side as well as front to back balance challenges.  #6984, $38.00 plus tax and shipping 

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Get in Shape!
Run • Stretch • Strengthen • Rehab

Achilles Stretcher has a birch plywood construction with a firm no-slip close-cell surface, which allows the Achilles tendon to stretch on a 20 degree slant.  Great warm up for Dancers and Athletes and popular for ankle/tendon rehabilitation. Can be used with Support Rail.  #6980, $49.00. plus tax and shipping.

Ankle Activator has a birch plywood construction and close cell no slip foam surface.  The device provides a pivot on a flexible center block to gently stretch and strengthen ankles in both directions.  Ideal for dancers, athletes, or runners to strengthen and can be used with one or two legs at a time. #6981, $66.00 plus tax and shipping.   Support Rail is recommended.

Ankle Stretchers

Support Rail is made of round steel tubing with rubber handholds which fit into a sturdy base.   

The Rail helps user to maintain balance while using the Ankle Activator or Achilles stretcher,

both rest on the base of the Support Rail. #6982, $89.00

Support Rail and Ankle Activator combination #6983, $155.00 plus tax and shipping

The Stickler  $23.00 each, plus tax and shipping

This training device provides the gymnast, diver, circus artist, to train and maintain leg position in the air for the precise form required. 

Velcro and foam blocks sculpted to fit the ankles keep the legs in position for the needed physical activities.

Jog’n Shape is a strong plastic molded platform providing more rebound action for safe in home or PT aerobic exercise.  Energy blocks   provide an absorbent and resilient spring action for the user.  The “spring” action can be adjusted by adding or removing Energy Blocks, aiding those with knee, ankle or hip difficulties.  30 x 30 #jognshape $124.00. (Shipping and taxes: Gerstung will contact purchasers in NJ and all states West of the Mississippi regarding state tax and/or shipping.) 

 Running Square provides runners with a safe and effective workout in office, or at home.  Energy Blocks, which provide absorbency and resiliency for the user, support 8 layers of birch veneer, with a non-slip foam pad on top.  The Running Square is a safe and supportive device, easy to carry and store under a bed, or behind a door.  Great as part of a fitness circuit and interval training or for those rainy/snowy day indoor runs.  Modeled after the World renown Gerstung Sprung AirBase   Dance Floors.   #6147, $165.00. (Shipping and taxes: Gerstung will contact purchasers in NJ and all states West of the Mississippi regarding state tax and/or shipping.) 


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