AirBase Sprung Flooring Testimonials


For over 50 years, the Gerstung subfloor has been tested and used all over the world, 
and is designed to support dancers, athletes, and gymnasts. We have floors at 50 years of age that are still absorbing, stabilizing,
and providing resiliency to many users.  

I love my portable sprung dance floor from Gerstung International!!!  It provides more than enough spring to feel comfortable jumping, executing floor work AND it is easy to move, put together and store.  It has made a world of difference for my body when teaching/training from home. In fact, I was so impressed that I ordered floors for all of the dance students in my program so they too can train safely & comfortably from home. Thank you so much for all you have done for the BFA Dance program.  The dancers are so impressed by the floor & barre and have already felt the difference in their bodies!

– Danah Bella, Chair/Professor, BFA Dance, Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University

"If excellent service and quality workmanship are your goals for a dance
floor than look no further - Gerstung Floor Systems is your company! When
the pandemic forced me to teach my dance classes from my basement, my joints
paid the price. Luckily, Kimberly Mackin and Siegfried Gerstung understood
my dilemma. They created and installed, in a short time, a sprung floor in
my basement. Now, my body feels great when I teach classes and I am a lot
less fatigued. I highly recommend this floor and company!"

Dana Keane - Founder of Studio Dans

“After six hours a day and six days a week of grueling rehearsals, it is inevitable that our dancers are sore and tired.  Since the installation of our Gerstung Suspended Dance Floors, the dancers have noticed a measurable difference in the way they feel and perform.  The remarkable cushioning effect experienced while landing, combined with the slight lift before a jump, aids in preventing compression of the spinal column, ankle, and knee joints.”

Washington Ballet

“I am writing to let you know how happy we are with the durability, quality and life of your dance floors.  We installed your AirBase® dance floors in 1993.  We still teach on the original floors and they are still going strong! We run a very busy and active dance studio with 5 large studios, [all Gerstung AirBase®  floors], six days a week.  We teach all forms of dance including lots of tap.  The dance floors were a big investment for us, but it was money well spent.  Being able to provide great quality flooring which prevents injury and accidents for both our instructors and students is of the utmost importance to us.  Thank you for providing a system that can handle the demands of the dance industry and for being a company we can rely on!”  

Diane Andrews and Mary Harper, Owners - Backstage Dance Studio

“This letter is to express our great satisfaction with the flooring we purchased from your company.  The quality is exceptional, even with the extreme use the floor takes [especially during jumps] there has been no problem with the structure.  The effectiveness of the floor is well noted by all who use it.  Many of our athletes/dancer comment on the decreased pounding their bodies take while doing plyometric training on the floor.  The
purchase has worked well for us and we would certainly recommend GERSTUNG.”  

Baylor University TX

“After thoroughly  researching the availability of aerobic/sprung floor systems, I was convinced that the Gerstung Floor would be the most shock absorbing and safest one for vigorous exercising.  Comments from my staff as well as my clientele assured me that I made the best decision.  Today we are proud owners of 15 Gerstung Floors, which is a definite asset to the fine facility at Canyon Ranch.” 

Canyon Ranch Health and Fitness Resorts

“..... to see the happy faces of our participants and their complements …..thank you again for providing us with a state of the art floor.”

YMCA Metropolitan Washington D.C.

“I love the Gerstung floor…. It is the best floor I have ever worked-out on!  For my last two videos, “Denise Austin’s Stretch and Flex” and “Denise Austin’s 30-minute Fat Burning Workout”, I selected the Gerstung Floor; and felt great all the way through the taping.  I can honestly recommend a Gerstung floor for any facility who wants a floor that not only is beautiful, but is shock absorbent! 

Denise Austin, President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

“ A prime objective of the aerobic industry is injury prevention through safe, effective workouts.  Naturally, the type of surface on which a class is held is key factor in prevention.  It must provide support and shock absorbency while remaining resilient.  The Gerstung Fitness Floors are excellent for this industry.  I highly recommend these floors from the safety aspect and as a promotional tool for any fitness activity.” 

Lynn Brick, Fitness Centers Owner

“.... everyone loves our Gerstung floor.  The instructors and students are all absolutely thrilled with it!  I’ve been teaching for nine years and have always had a small ache or pain somewhere, but since switching to the new floor I’ve  felt great….” 

Stephanie Voss, Physical Director Gettysburg YWCA