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Top Surfaces 
 in Wood or Vinyl/Marley



Reversible Dance Vinyl
Lightweight PVC single layer vinyl in reversible black/grey.  Temporary - top tape seams for install. For: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop.  Colors: Black/Gray. Can be used with AirBase   100, 200, 600, and portable 300 sprung subfloors.

Prima Vinyl

A non reflective, controlled slip vinyl surface.  Temporary, Semi-Permanent or Permanent install, top tape, or loose lay [under tape].  Most versatile and durable floor surface. Colors: Black and Grey. For: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop.  Can be used with AirBase   100, 200, 600, sprung subfloors.

Dance Studio Vinyl 

Permanent install, glue down, or loose lay [under tape].  Studio Vinyl has a heavy duty 2mm thick homogeneous vinyl surface incorporating a fiber-scrim interply of fiberglass for enhanced dimensional stability.   Color: Black,Gray. For: Ballet, Jazz, Modern. Can be used with Airbase   100, 200, 600, sprung subfloors.


Hardwood Dance Maple 

Engineered oiled maple wood planks, 5” wide, tongue and groove engineered plank with wear surface of 4mm wear surface of irregular lengths. Used with AirBase  200, 600, and Portable 400 sprung subfloors. For: Tap, Modern, Ballet, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Jazz, Irish, Yoga, Barre, fitness floors.  Oak veneer top surface also available.

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