Sprung Subfloors

What  is  an


AirBase  means resilience and safety for dancers. 


An AirBase  is a Gerstung sprung subfloor created 50 years ago for Gymnasts, Athletes, and Dancers.  It is a sturdy base that supports the top surface of vinyl or wood. The AirBase   consists of a layer of hardwood plywood, supported by Energy Blocks™ that provide both absorbency and resilience to the dancer.  The Gerstung Energy Block™ compresses and recovers quickly - better than anything on the market.  The result is an even, shock absorbent, resilient floor providing lifting power and safe landings.

The Top Surface, is what the dancers feet touch.  Top surfaces are selected according to the type of dance being done in the studio.
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Lift off and fly ...
               Take off and land

Gerstung AirBase  Sprung Subfloor Products


Engineered for ultimate performance and safety

Permanent Subfloors



The original Gerstung design that replaced the “basket weave” floor, is a permanent installation that provides a long term safe sprung subfloor. For use with Vinyl top surfaces.



Permanent/removable installation for busy private studios, schools, colleges and universities. For use with Vinyl top surface. First floor still in use since 1976! See Testimonials.



Permanent and easy to install for moderate traffic dance studios.  Great for private yoga, barre, and fitness studios as well.  For use with vinyl top surfaces.

Portable Subfloors



Easy-assemble portable touring floor, no tools required.  Slide and lock system provides a safe, resilient performing venue with easy set-up and
take-down.  For use with Vinyl top surfaces.  
See our Floor Transporters for proper storage, transport, and installation.



Our portable touring floor with wood or any Vinyl top surface. Quick assembly for 2 people, with slide lock system - no tools required. See our Floor Transporters for proper storage, transport, and installation.

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Gerstung 500 Portable Sprung Performance Floor with Vinyl-Attached

Need a softer or firmer floor? Custom floors are our specialty!

The World's Easiest-to-Assemble Portable Stages: Gerstung 300, 400 & 500 Series

Used by:
• Washington Ballet

• Smuin Contemporary Ballet (New 500 with vinyl-attached!)

• The Kirov Ballet

• Peabody Conservatory

• Japan Arts

• The Tbilisi Opera Company in the Republic of Georgia

• The National and World Aerobic Championships

• Stages for touring companies, Broadway, Colleges & High Schools.

The AirBase  300 allows easy-to-set-up panels to drop into place for a perfect fit. Slightly less than 4' x 4' (1.2m x 1.2m), the Quick Set Panels are joined at the seam by a patent-pending interlocking tongue-and-groove system. This AirBase  design, with a choice of factory-applied surfaces, is the perfect solution for theaters, hotels, dance studios, stages, and other locations where quick set-ups and take downs are not only necessary, but required. Your choice of borders or ramps will finish off the edges of your new floor. Storage transporters make portability extremely easy and guarantee the correct storage of the panels.