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Gerstung AirBase sprung floor logo

What is an               Sprung Subfloor?

Sprung Subfloors

Gerstung AirBase sprung floor logo
Graceful Ballet Dancer on Pointe

AirBase   means resilience and safety for dancers. 


An AirBase   is a Gerstung sprung subfloor created 40+ years ago for dancers and athletes. This is a sturdy sprung base used with a top surface of Vinyl/Marley or Wood that supports the dancer.


The AirBase  consists of a layer of imported hardwood plywood, supported by our unique Energy Blocks™ that provide both absorbency and point resilience.  Point Resiliency, or resiliency at impact, is shock absorbency under foot which means one dancer's leap or jump is not felt by the other dancers on stage/studio. This provides safety for all dancers dancing.  It also provides long term protection for dancers' and teachers' bodies who teach or rehearse hours on end.  The Gerstung Energy Block™ compresses and recovers quickly - better than anything on the market.  The result is an even, shock absorbent, resilient floor providing lifting power and safe landings.

The Top Surface, is what the dancers feet touch. See our selection of Top Surface Vinyl/Marley and Wood.


illustration of side view of an AirBase sprung Subfloor showing our AB200 Click  System
illustration of side view of an AirBase sprung Subfloor showing our AB600 Click System
illustration of side view of an AirBase sprung Subfloor showing our AB300 Click System

Sprung Subfloor Products

Gerstung AirBase sprung floor logo

Engineered for ultimate performance and safety

We installed your AirBase® dance floors in 1993.  We still teach on the original floors and they are still going strong! 

Diane Andrews and Mary Harper, Owners - Backstage Dance Studio

Professional Permanent Subfloors
Softer or firmer floor? We can customize!

“After six hours a day and six days a week of grueling rehearsals, it is inevitable that our dancers are sore and tired.  Since the installation of our Gerstung Suspended Dance Floors, the dancers have noticed a measurable difference in the way they feel and perform.  The remarkable cushioning effect experienced while landing, combined with the slight lift before a jump, aids in preventing compression of the spinal column, ankle, and knee joints.”

The Washington Ballet


Gerstung AirBase sprung floor logo

Gerstung AB-200 Permanent Floor for Studios

This floor is designed to provide safety to dancers with both absorbency and point resilience. This is a  Permanent sprung installation for busy private studios, schools, colleges and universities. We offer Prima Studio 1.6 and Prima Classic 2.0 or Maple Wood top surfaces. The first floor is still in use since 1976! See Testimonials Page.

Gerstung AirBase logo


Gerstung AB-600 Permanent Floor for Studios

Permanent sprung floor easy to install for moderate traffic dance studios.  Great for private yoga, barre,
and fitness studios as well.  For use with Vinyl/Marley, Vinyl Planking top surfaces. We offer Vinyl Prima 1.6 or Prima Classic 2.0 vinyl options.

Gerstung SF-600

Gerstung SF-600 Permanent Floor

A sprung studio floor that is economical, easy to install and shock absorbing. This floor provides safety to dancers and is well suited for dance studios as well at private yoga, barre, or fitness studios. For use with Vinyl/Marley, Vinyl Planking top surfaces. We offer Prima Studio 1.6 or Prima Classic 2.0 vinyl options.

Gerstung AirBase sprung floor logo


Gerstung AB-2030 

AB-2030 is a self install studio and portable performance floor.  This floor is a less expensive cross between our AB-200 studio floor and our AB-300 portable floor that uses finger-like joints instead of our Click System to stabilize the floor seams.  It is a resilient studio floor that can be taken on the road.  The sub-floor can be installed by just one person, no tools or carpentry skills needed.  We recommend a vinyl/marley top surface. We offer Prima Stage 1.2, Prima Studio 1.6 or Prima Classic 2.0 vinyl options.

Portable Floors

All of our portable floors can be reconfigured to provide different size floors for different spaces. Floor and Vinyl Transporters allow for storage and portability.  

“I wanted to let you know that the floor you made for Mashup Contemporary Dance Company here in Los Angles has been getting well used!  I am thankful for the quality of the build every time it gets packed up or goes back down again.”


Sean Kellett, Mashup Contemporary Dance Company

Los Angeles

A few Gerstung Portable Floor owners:

• Washington Ballet

• Smuin Contemporary Ballet (New 500 with vinyl-attached!)

• The Kirov Ballet

• Peabody Conservatory

• Japan Arts

• The Tbilisi Opera Company in the Republic of Georgia

• The National and World Aerobic Championships

• Stages for touring companies, Broadway, Colleges & High Schools.

• Alberta Ballet, Canada

• Justin Peck

• Oakland Ballet, San Francisco, CA

• Greensboro Performing Arts, NC

• Presidio Theatre, San Fransisco, CA

• Jam Youth Project, MD

• Kennedy Center, DC

• Dance Loft on 14, NW DC

• Mashup Contemporary Dance Company, Los Angeles, CA

photo showing Gerstung AirBase sprung floor subfloor click system

Gerstung Click System

Gerstung AirBase sprung floor logo


Gerstung Professional Portable AB-300

This floor is designed to provide safety to dancers with both absorbency and point resilience in the versatility of a portable floor. Easy to assemble portable touring floor, no tools required. The easy Click System uses panels of 47.25" x 47.25" [1.2m x 1.2m] joined at the seam by a interlocking tongue and spring system. This floor provides a safe, resilient performing venue for any style dance. Requires a vinyl top surface to be rolled out and taped down. Designed for 3+ person set up and take down. 

The Gerstung AB-300 Professional Portable Floor.

We closed our summer performances last Friday and the floor was amazing! Our dancers and artistic staff have given it a glowing review. We installed it on a raised deck as well as on concrete and it worked equally as well on both surfaces. We were able to assemble a 32’x 24’ size in 40 minutes with 4 guys. Really slick!

Alberta Ballet, Canada

Gerstung AirGerstung AirBase sprung floor logo


Flamenco dancer on Gerstung AB-400 sprung portable floor.

Gerstung AB-400 Professional Portable

This floor is designed to provide safety to dancers with both absorbency and point resilience in the versatility of a portable floor.


Our AB-400 portable floor with Maple top surface uses the Click System with panels that are 59” x 28” [1.5m x .75m] allowing 2-3 people to set-up and take-down the floor. Perfect for tap and flamenco, and can be used with vinyl for other dance styles.

The Gerstung AB-400 Portable Professional Sprung floor.

When the Presidio Theatre in San Francisco was to host a Flamenco performance we needed to acquire a sprung dance floor.  As Gerstung had been highly recommended by several theatre and dance companies, we inquired. Our timeframe for needing the floor was very tight and we were assured that the Gerstung team would make it happen.   The personal attention to customer service and needs was impeccable.


The floor was assembled by our tech team with ease.  When the dancers arrived they were immediately enamored with the spring of the floor.  When they heard the resonant sound coupled with the spring on stage they were absolutely in love.  On closing night of the show, I was approached by two other companies and asked about the possibility of renting our floor.  We cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the floor as a whole as well as the professionalism of Gerstung Floor Systems and do not hesitate to recommend working with them."

Chris KenneyPresidio Theatre

Technical Directo

Check out this brilliant live performance on a section of Gerstung Portable AB-400 Tap floor!

Knock On Wood Tap Studio in Washington, DC has enjoyed Gerstung's sprung maple portable flooring for almost 30 years.  Countless tap dancers have travelled from all over the world to shuffle, flap, and stomp on our original floors, which are as reliable as the day they were delivered. The durability, sound quality, comfort, and customer service provided by Gerstung dance floors is second to none, and we look forward to continued success with their product at the center of our business.     

Lisa Swenton-Eppard, Programming  Director, Knock On Wood Studio - Capital Tap, DC

Gerstung AirBase sprung floor logo


Professional Portable Sprung Floor with vinyl attached.

The Gerstung AB500 Portable Professional Sprung floor made its debut on a San Francisco street with the Smuin Contemporary Ballet.

Gerstung AB-500 Professional Portable Sprung Floor with vinyl attached.

This versatile Vinyl-attached Floor with our Click System is an easy set up and take down. The floor appears to be seamless, 5' x 5' [1.52m x 1.52m] panels allow for easy transport.  

The Smuin Contemporary Floor was a custom design comprised of 24  5' x 5' folding floors [30" x 60" folded] clicked together for a 20' x 30' performing space, allowing for easy SUV Transport.

This floor is designed to provide safety to dancers with both absorbency and point resilience in the versatility of a portable floorMuch like our Home Sprung Floors, this vinyl-attached, sprung folding floor clicks together to form one large portable performance floor or can be broken down into smaller floors to suit various spaces. Can be used for outdoor or indoor performances! Easy assembly.  Dance Studio Vinyl or Prima Vinyl top surface available. For information and pricing email

Couple dancing in outdoor performance on a San Francisco street

Cassidy Isaacson and Brandon Alexander dancing Foolish Things.

Choreographed by Michael Smuin; Photos by: Wayne Zheng

Couple performing outdoors on Gerstung Portable Sprung Floor

John Speed Orr dancing That's Life.

Choreographed by Michael Smuin

Photo by: Wayne Zheng

“I volunteered on the load-out crew and experienced firsthand the ease of assembly/disassembly. The quality of the floor was apparent the minute it arrived and it excelled through three performances.

The floor has truly kept us alive during the time of COVID!" 

Lori Laqua, Smuin Contemporary Ballet

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