Fun Fitness

The Fit-Pump

#1170 (arms, legs, back)  $616.00
Is it physics or fitness? Is it work or play? Is it competition or curiosity? It’s all of the above and so exciting you can’t put it down! No matter how it’s used, kids who hate to exercise work up a sweat. Each tube accepts three floats of different speeds allowing for 27 different game variations.


CONSISTING OF: (2) tubes , (6) floats, (1) attachment bracket,

(2) hoses, (2) pumps, (1) base plate, & (1) spare pump

SUPPORT COMPONENTS*: Any trestle or wall mount


*Support Components are required; sold separately.

The We Saw

#1165 (arms push/pull partner station)  $1,555.00
This variation on the playground seesaw is designed to work arm muscles by pulling and pushing to give your friend a ride. The We-Saw can be simply adjused, by moving the carriage to one or the other side of the spade end bar (the fulcrum). It increases or decreases the leverage arm to match the weight of the one child to the strength of the other.


CONSISTING OF: (1) We saw unit & (1) spade end bar

SUPPORT COMPONENTS*: (2) tower bases, or (2) trestles
or (2) tunnel bases

The Rainbow

#1505 (arms, upper body, legs, teamwork)  $794.00

The Curved Bridge (9’ x 17.75" w) or "rainbow," usually attached to any available base in either a convex or concave position has now become a Fun Fitness item. Shown as a see-saw, the benefits are teamwork and strength building. It is serious fun when you can "pump up" your partner.

The Wall

#1512 (hands, arms, agility)  $596.00

This 4’ X 8’ sheet of Baltic Birch with 16 hand footholds, turns into an exciting climbing wall when hooked onto a 7’6” trestle. 45+ holes for 16 hand/foot holds - you decide where you want them. The wall may also be turned for the bottom to hook onto the top bar - an instant pattern change!

CONSISTING OF: (1) climbing panel

SUPPORT COMPONENTS*:  (1) 7’6” trestle

The Vortex

#1145 (shoulders, chest, stomach)  $1,193.00

By lying on the padded platform in either direction, on your back, a ball is placed in one of the three tubes and retrieved from the ball catcher on the other end. What a great abdominal workout, putting balls in the holes and racing against the clock, or competing against a classmate.

CONSISTING OF: (1) padded base, (3) tubes, (1) adjustable frame,
(4) balls, & (1) catcher

The Gllider

#1135 (legs, arms, shoulders, core)  $1,402.00

Push off a padded board to glide backwards uphill and enjoy a leg press with a thrill. Turning around, facing the other direction you may ride up the track with the use of the pull straps. It gives your legs a rest while your arms are working.

CONSISTING OF: (1) 12’ aluminum track with carriage,
(2) pull straps,  (1) sling seat w. chain, (1) push off pad, &
(1) back cushion


(2)  7’6" trestles, or (1)  7’6” trestle and (1)  6’ or 5’ trestle, or (1)  7’6" trestle and (1) wall bar unit, or (1) wall bar unit  and (1) 6’ or 5’ trestle