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Accessories and Extras

Gerrstung accessory - Vented Baseboard


Gerstung Ramps

Standard or
Handicap Ramp

Cloth, Vinyl or Doublefaces tape rolls

Cloth Tape (most durable)
black or gray
180’ (55m) long rolls, 2” (5cm) wide

Cloth, Vinyl or
Doublefaced Tapes

Vinyl tape roles

Vinyl Tape (temporary tape down)
black or gray
108’ (33m) long rolls, 1½ (3.8cm) wide

two dancers in a lift
Doublefaced tape roll

Double Faced Tape
To fasten vinyl, and other sheet goods
to the floor from underneath.
75’ (23m) long rolls, 2” (5cm) wide

large bottle of liquid rosin

Liquid Rosin

A non-slip solution that adds slip-resistance to all floors.
(wood, vinyl, tile, etc)
1 gal. (3.78lt) containers

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