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Gym-Thing Hang-Ups

Cargo Net

An old favorite redesigned with thicker 5/8” white 3 strand, twisted Poly-Dacron rope.  12” x 12” grid pattern with loops on the top for hanging from a 6’ or 8’ Ring-End Bar supported by two 7’6” Trestles.  The corners on the bottom have loops that serve as tethers to hold the net in place.

Code #1329,  6’x6’   $242.00

Cargo Net Tie

Ties Cargo to frame.

Code #3527,  6’x7’   $6.00

Climbing Net Advantages:

  • Bottom bar keeps net tighter to the floor.  Bar is to be nestled between two 8” x 4’ x 6’ safety mats and tied to the trestles.

  • Net can be hung in an angle tied to the “A” Frame

  • Net can be hung “U” shaped, as a bird nest or “rope bridge” and several other ways to create new inclines and traverses.

   Rope Ladder

This improved Rope Ladder has been increased to 7’ and is made of custom KMIII Static Rope with 8 each 12” wide oak rungs, 9” apart,  3” loops at the top allow hanging from a Ring-End Bar.

Code #1344,   $176.00

Triple Rope Ladder  

This 6’6” long triple rope ladder has hardwood rungs through which continuous rope is threaded.  There are 3 columns of eight rungs each 10” wide, 8½”  apart.

Code #1345,   $308.00

Gymnasium Ropes

Our Gymnasium Climbing Ropes are made with 1½” thick Poly-Dacron rope. The bottom end is either back spliced or made with a knot [please specify].  The top end has a metal thimble and a ½” pear shaped sling link for ceiling mounting.

Code #1321/20, 20’ long   $195.00

How to order longer lengths:
Code #1321/20 is a twenty foot long rope with a base price of $195.00.  Add $5.00 for each additional foot and list the length next to the code. Examples:
23’ Rope: 
Code #1321/23,   $210.00
40’ Rope:  Code #1321/40,   $295.00


BOTTOM - knot & tale

    Swing Rope

This Swing Rope is 6’ long with a big knot on the bottom to sit or stand on. The top 3” loop, makes it easy to be hung from a Ring-End Bar.

Code #1327,   $48.00

       Climbing Rope    

Newly constructed like above Swing Rope with knots every 10"  to facilitate climbing

Code #1312,   $56.00


This device allows attachments to be hung on the Ring End Bar or any other bar. For use with Swing Rope, Climbing Rope, Trapeze, Ring Set. The teardrop shaped metal ring is lined with a  rubber insert and slides over the end of the bar. A heavy-duty bolt locks the ring of the rope attachment in place.

Code #1580$23.00 each

climbing Rope _10_ knots.png

Adjustable Ringset

The ceiling mounted ring set is a Swedish design for instant height adjustment. Ideal for classes with students of various sizes. Laminated wood rings, webbing with adjustable buckles, steel cable, overhead mounting brackets with double pulley system, adjustable chain & bucket with safety lock. It is a must have!

Code #2316$715.00

Trapeze Bar for Rings

Converts your ringset into a trapeze. The trapeze bar is a solid hook end bar with foam padding. Hooks easily onto a set of rings.

Code #1581$158.00

Trapeze Bar
Replacement Cushions


Code #1597$22.00


The 19 1/2” wide lacquered hardwood trapeze bar is suspended by two extra strong ropes, adjustable from 30” to 45”.

Code #1328$118.00

Ring Set

This set consists of two durable nylon rings 9 1/4” in diameter, attached to 1” thick rope, suitable for outdoor use. The length can be adjusted from 32” to 41”.

Code #1326$187.00

Little Ring Set

For 18 mo-4 years.
Self-attaching. For use on
INI Gym or Little Gym equipment (see web pages)

Code #1407,  $132.00

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