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Storage and/or Transport for Gym-Thing Equipment

Equipment Transporters

Gym-Thing Equipment storage transporters

Equipment Storage Transporters

Unit “A”, The Trestle Rack, Code #2825A, primarily accommodates large A-frames and other base units. $1,100.00

Unit “B”, The Attachment Rack, Code #2826B, stores Curved Bridges, Gym Beams, Ladders, Planks, Gym-Benches and a lot more, even two stools.


Highly Recommended for Many Reasons:


  • Convenient and very compact storage.

  • Equipment can be strapped or chained to the Rack for safe keeping in unsupervised area.

  • Carrying and lifting of equipment is eliminated by rolling them to the intended area.

  • Transporting a set from one school to another requires only a push onto the truck.

  • Keeps equipment from getting damaged and components maintain organization.

A very sturdy construction of steel tubing, supported on 4 large heavy duty, industrial, polyurethane casters, carries more than intended. All support and hook-on arms are covered with a strong rubber extrusion to protect the equipment from scratching and sliding. With two long ratchet-straps one can tie all equipment components safely in place.

Gym-Thing Equipment Storage transporter

Trestle Rack

Attachment Rack

loading ramp

Loading Ramp for Liftgates

A Lift-gate Ramp (Rail) might be necessary for quick and safe loading onto the truck and unloading if equipped with a Lift-Gate.

The ramp (or rail) consists of two u-shaped channels, allowing the casters of the Transporter to roll onto the platform. A properly attached chain,  will keep the Unit from rolling off.

Please specify Lift-Gate Manufacturer and include contact info of someone who can verify dimensions, when ordering.

Code #2827,   $450.00

Easy Transportation of Gerstung Movement Equipment ...

Gym-Thing Equipment loaded on transporters
Gym-Thing Equipment loaded on transporters
Gym-Thing Equipment loaded on transporters in truck

Load equipment onto transporter to move or store.

Roll transporter to intended destination or truck.

Easy on/off truck with Loading Ramp for Liftgates.

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