These “A” frames are well known as part of the English Whittle line and is the basic component of the Gerstung Movement Education System. The trestles are constructed of sturdy, durable steel tubing and each has a bright colored powder coating. They fold easily for storage against the wall. All legs are protected with non-marring rubber feet. Of all portable children’s climbing equipment, the wide-spread base with a self-locking horizontal cross frame is the strongest and most stable available.

Code #1568, 4” high x 33” x 33” base (blue) $414.00
Code #1501, 5’ high x 38” x 41” base (yellow) $488.00
Code #1502, 6’ high x 41” x 48” base (red) $588.00
Code #1503, 7’6” high x 52” x 60” base (blue) $697.00

Trestle Platform
This platform completely covers the opening between the centrally located cross bars of the trestle. Particularly useful when working with small children as it provides a resting space between levels.

Code #1574, for 4’ Trestle $138.00
Code #1520
, for 5’ & 6’ Trestle $143.00
Code #1521
, for 7’6” Trestle $152.00

Wall Bars

Wall Bars serve as equipment support in the children's movement gym. It is a versatile piece of equipment for strength training and flexibility. Powder coated steel. Wood version also available.

Code #6134, (steel) 95" x 36", 1" rungs $452.00

Tower Bases

The Tower Base is available in four different heights. Each of its three sides is slightly over four feet wide. The round cross bars are 12” apart on all units with the exception of a 2’ window on the 5’ and 6’ models (located differently on each side). Tubular steel construction is powder-coated. The legs flare out for greater stability. Each unit folds into itself for easy storage and has six rubber feet to protect the gym floor and prevent slipping.

Code #1566, 3’ high (green) $419.00
Code #1540
, 4’ high (green) $546.00
Code #1541
, 5’ high (green) $727.00
Code #1542
, 6’ high (green) $820.00

Tower Base Platform
A great accessory for the Tower Base. It provides a platform within the climbing apparatus. The triangular shape fits into a corner of the Tower Base only partially covering the triangular opening to allow enough space for students to climb past the platform.

Code #1522, $169.00

Tower Base Mat

This filler mat consists of heavy-duty 18 ounce nylon-woven, vinyl coated fabric cover and is filled with a firm 2” thick polyfoam. The Tower Base Mat provides protection when inside the Tower Base.

Code #1265, $195.00

Tunnel Base
This base is a marvelous piece of support equipment for other apparatus. Children love to crawl through or climb over it. The “tunnel” is produced of tubular steel. It is powder-coated. The feet are protected by non-marring molded rubber.

Code #1532, 41”long, 38”wide, 30 1/2” high (blue) $468.00

Gym Stool
A sturdy base, steel construction, with durable powder-coated finish. It features a thick, suede-vinyl upholstered, foam padding  18” square top. The stool is not only for vaulting, but also a centerpiece for climbing and equipment support, and serves as a spotting platform.

Code #1509, 2’ 10” high $503.00

Wall Mounts
If space is an issue, Wallmounts are the answer. Mounted properly, they serve as bases for horizontal Ringend-Bars and replace costly Trestles. Suitable for Cargo-Nets, Rope-Ladders or Swings, to hang from the highest setting or Gym-Ladders, Planks, Gym-Benches attach on a lower level.

Code #1175, Single Wall Mount  $96.00
Code #1177
, Triple Wall Mount  $230.00

Gym Box

Our Gym Box can be used as a vaulting box, a tumbling platform, a climbing station, and as a support unit for other equipment. The individual frames turn into handy sections to jump over, climb through, jump in and out of, and as additions in equipment set ups.  The top is padded with 1 1/4” Polaris Foam and covered with extra thick suede-like material. The base section is equipped with four costers that make moving the box easy. All sections are extra secured via a velcro like fastening system.

Code #1317, 52” long, 18”wide,  45 1/2” high (5 Sections) $1,166.00
Code #1351
, 52” long, 18”wide,  37 1/2” high (4 Sections) $931.00

Gym Box Vaulting Top
Replacement top used for vaulting. Padding is tapered on all four sides. Maple and chrome frame. Extremely sturdy.

Code #1319, 52” long, 18”wide, 16” high $375.00

Jr. Board
This vaulting device is one of the most versatile and popular vaulting boards on the market. It is a 3/4 sized board,  made of a tubular steel frame with a laminated wood top and slip resistant foam padding.

Code #1110, 23” wide, 36” long $431.00

Mini Board

A board perfectly scaled for the size of pre-schoolers. The curved plywood is carefully laminated to achieve optimum strength. Energy foam blocks assist in the lifting action and a slip resisting foam sheet covers the impact area.

Code #1111, 25” long, 23”wide, 6 1/2” high $251.00