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for Sprung Subfloors and Vinyl

Portable Floor Panel Transporters

Storage Transporters are essential for proper storage of our Sprung AirBase 300 and 400 portable floors.  Storing, transporting, floor set-up and take down, has never been easier. 


The design of both our 300 and 400 Storage Transporters use strong tubular steel and angle irons, 4 heavy duty casters and strong seatbelt straps to keep the load secure, so that one person can easily move panels to location.  

Sprung AirBase-300 Storage Transporters

52” x 43.5” • Loaded 57"tall

Capacity 18-19 panels

Gerstung Portable Floor Transporter holding panels of AB-300 sprung floor
Gerstung Portable Floor Transporter ready to be loaded
Portable AB400 Storage Transporter

Sprung AirBase-400 Storage Transporters

75"x 35"  •  Loaded 70” tall.
Capacity 30 panels.

Vinyl [Marley] Transporters
The only way a roll of sheet vinyl for dance is stored properly, is if the roll is suspended, NOT lying or standing!

The Gerstung design of strong tubular steal and angle iron, built on heavy duty industrial casters, facilitates just that.

Transporters for 6 or 8 vinyl rolls are available.

Lifting poles with rubber handles provide easy carrying and storage of vinyl flooring.

  • 4 or 6-Roll Transporter

  • 8-Roll Transporter

Vinyl/Marley Transporter
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