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Portable Performance
Sprung Floors



Home Sprung
Folding Floor
5’x5’ with Prima Vinyl

and Aluminum Barre

Sprung Folding Floor

5’x10’ with Steel and Wood
Professional Home
Ballet Barre

Home Sprung, Folding, 
Vinyl-attached Floors 

(See diagram below.)

Baltic Birch plywood sprung with 1" foam blocks and
Vinyl Marley attached top surface.  
Designed to work with our Home Ballet Barres.
Pick the size and vinyl you need  •  Easy to store!

 48"x 63" New Size!   (4'x5.33') Sprung Folding Floor

Sprung floor folds to 48"x32" for easy storage or transport.

  • Prima Vinyl $300.00

5'x  5'  Sprung Folding Floor 

Sprung floor folds to a 2’6” x 5’ for easy storage or transport. Perfect fit for a workout corner. Also, can be used by adults as training station for running/jump

roping, inside during cold, wet weather!

  • Prima Vinyl $356.00

  • Dance Studio Vinyl $391.00

5'x 7.5' Sprung Folding Floor 

  • Prima Vinyl $591.00

  • Dance Studio Vinyl $643.00

5'x 10' Sprung Folding Floor 

  • Prima Vinyl: 770.00    

  • Dance Studio Vinyl $839.00


10’x 10' Sprung Folding Floor

  • Prima Vinyl ~ call or email info@gerstung.us for pricing 

  • Dance Studio Vinyl ~ call or email or pricing 

Custom Home Floors now available! Contact us for info.

Home Ballet Barres

Light Aluminum Student Home Ballet Barre:
39” high with 30”removable footings for flat storage.
Barre stands on top of floor. 

4’ long :    $158.00

Steel and Wood Professional Home Ballet Barre:

Fits under any of our Folding Sprung Floors to provide stability. 42” high wood barre. Heavy duty, not free-standing.  

6’ long: $330.00      8’ long: $353.00




Vinyl/Marley Mats

Approximately 5’ square. Use tape below to secure to floor.

[Larger pieces available - call for pricing!] 


Prima Vinyl: [general sturdy vinyl/marley. Multi-purpose] 

Dance Studio Vinyl: [provides a small cushion for pointe dancers] $157.00


Vinyl Tape $9.00

Portable Sprung Practice Tap Boards 

Sprung 32"x48" Portable Tap Board
Baltic Birch plywood with 1" Energy Blocks. Carry strap, Oiled finish.
$177.00 plus shipping

$300.00 plus shipping - Maple top surface

Sprung 60"x60" Portable Tap Board

Baltic Birch plywood with 1" Energy Blocks.
[pick up only] $249.00

[pick up only] $472.00 Maple top surface

Sprung Click 60"x60" Portable Tap Board:

Two 30”x60” panels click together to provide a 60”x60” tap surface of lightly oiled Baltic Birch wood with 1.5” foam blocks. $330.00 plus shipping

[Expandable to 60”x 90” or 60” x 120” Call for pricing] 

Home Sprung Floor & Ballet Barre Combos

5'x 5' Sprung Folding Floor & Steel Ballet Barre Combo

with attached Prima Vinyl.


48" x 63" (4'x5.33') Sprung Folding Floor & Steel Ballet Barre Combo with attached Prima Vinyl.

5'x10'  Sprung Folding Floor & Steel Ballet Barre Combo with attached Vinyl. Prima Vinyl $1070.00  Studio Vinyl $1139.00

Find your Perfect Combination!

The Gerstung Home Studio
Our Home Ballet Barres and Portable Floors are easy to use, set-up and store at home. 

The student dancer can keep in shape between classes and performances.
The floor is study, safe, resilient and can be used with our Ballet Barre. 

"I love my portable sprung dance floor from Gerstung International!!!  It provides more than enough spring to feel comfortable jumping, executing floor work AND it is easy to move, put together and store.  It has made a world of difference for my body when teaching/training from home. In fact, I was so impressed that I ordered floors for all of the dance students in my program so they too can train safely & comfortably from home. Thank you so much for all you have done for the BFA Dance program.  The dancers are so impressed by the floor & barre and have already felt the difference in their bodies!"

– Danah Bella, Chair/Professor, BFA Dance,

Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University

Portable floor illustration with photos_

Setting Up Your Gerstung Home Floor

The Gerstung AB500:
Large Vinyl-Attached, Sprung, Folding Portable Performance Floors 

Much like our Home Sprung Floors, this vinyl-attached, sprung folding floor clicks together to form one large portable performance floor or can be broken down into smaller floors to suit various spaces. Can be used for outdoor or indoor performances! Easy assembly.  Dance Studio Vinyl or Prima Vinyl top surface available. For information and pricing email info@gerstung.us.


This floor made its debut on a San Francisco street with the Smuin Contemporary Ballet.

"The floor has truly kept us alive during the time of COVID!" Lori Laqua, Smuin Contemporary Ballet



Cassidy Isaacson and Brandon Alexander dancing Foolish Things.

Choreographed by Michael Smuin; Photos by: Wayne Zheng


John Speed Orr dancing That's Life.

Choreographed by Michael Smuin

Photo by: Wayne Zheng

Gerstung also has two other Portable Sprung Floors:

The AB300 and AB400


Peabody Conservatory of JHU.jpg



We closed our summer performances last Friday and the floor was amazing! Our dancers and artistic staff have given it a glowing review. We installed it on a raised deck as well as on concrete and it worked equally as well on both surfaces. We were able to assemble a 32’x 24’ size in 40 minutes with 4 guys. Really slick!

Alberta Ballet, Canada