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Teacher Training

Becoming a Movement Educator is not accomplished over a weekend. It takes understanding of the growth and development of a young child, the utilization of teaching devices and equipment, the ability to create an effective curriculum and most of all the implementation of the proper teaching methodology. Finally, a lot of experience, will make you the expert of a fun and meaningful program. 

It is our job at Gerstung International to give you the tools that can turn a young child into becoming a better learner. 

  1. Preferred requirement is a teaching background or experience of having worked with children.

  2. We will give you home study material that spells out the specifics of the growth and development of the young child. This is to be studied before you will be introduced to Movement Education.

  3. The training is with an expert from the Gerstung Academy, or G-A-M-E (The Gerstung Alliance of Movement Education), in your facility, on your own equipment. This allows us to focus specifically on personal training goals within your environment and the students population you are working with.

  4. The introductory course requires a 20 hr. commitment, of one on one training. It can be scheduled any time including evenings and weekends.

  5. Continuous training and teacher support will be, as needed, throughout the year, via an available hotline, internet communication, periodic reading material, curriculum and equipment  setup suggestions, workshops, in-service training or visits to your facility or those of other programs.

  6. Initial training expenses may be part of your equipment purchase. If purchased separately, the introduction course is $1600- plus expenses for travel and lodging. Advise over the phone and the internet as well as reading materials are free. The cost for Workshops and additional training or presentations is negotiable, usually base on $500, plus expenses, for a half-day session.

  7. A diploma for having completed the introductory training will be issued. 

For details on teacher training, staff support, presentations, or the Membership of G-A-M-E, please feel free to contact us directly at 410-215-0066 or

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