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School systems and parents alike have one goal in common: TO PREPARE THE YOUNG CHILD FOR LIFE. In an effort to achieve this, schools have put a great deal of emphasis on early reading, writing, math, communication and thinking skills. However, there are many other academic, social and physical obstacles children must over come as we prepare them for the world they will face. At Gerstung, we focus on readiness skills. Starting with the very first class, our students learn how to listen, practice to comprehend and deal with tasks, by solving problems. Through our unique teaching style children learn about themselves and the world they explore through their own discoveries. This is successfully taught, on specific climbing equipment, through a goal oriented Movement Education Program that allows a student to experience the feeling of accomplishment. During more than 50 years of working with children, we perfected this educational process with phenomenal success. The results are a desire for increased knowledge and a willingness to try hard. Better awareness of personal ability also adds to personal safety as it enhances courage. One of the key aspects of the Gerstung concept is to focus on developing creativity and broad-minded thinkers. We present problems that require answers, with the follow up question: " Is there another way?" It not only encourages further thinking and exploring but also allows the teacher to become more observant and a "student" him self. Physical coordination and strength does not develop through demanding coaching by an instructor. It begins with self-confidence developed in the student, whose determination is to focus and to try hard. There must be no losers, only winners who compete against their own ability. Our success is based on putting children into an environment that brings out a child's willingness and love for learning. We concentrate on the development of confident learners. Early MOVEMENT EDUCATION programs are essential for today's young children. Such learning is the foundation for their growth and development and must be experienced early on, when play and exploration is still the "work" of the child. Learn more about the Gerstung Movement Education Programs and the many school systems that have adopted a Movement Education and Educational Gymnastics program on Gerstung equipment. Contact Siegfried Gerstung personally by calling 410.215.0066 or email him at

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